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While on vacation I headed out for my Spa Day (ha, who are we kidding, it’s just an hour!) to enjoy some pampering. I had scheduled a massage and was so looking forward to it. I got myself relaxed and ready and as I lay on the massage table the therapist […]


My Marketing Plan{t}

Take Time to Nurture your Marketing Plan{t}

A few weeks ago, as a reminder of my dad, my very dear friend gave me a plant. So kind, right? Of course I wanted to grab a shovel, dig a hole and get it into the ground RIGHT AWAY but knowing how important planning can be for a garden I […]

Online Mourning 2

Today would have been my Dad’s 69th birthday.  I’ve given a lot of thought in the last three months since he passed as to how I might honor him on his days (birthday/father’s day).  But I wonder if being public about it is the right thing to do or if […]



Think before you post 6

Wow – It has been a weird and wild week in my little social media world. As someone who is a trained social media professional I know firsthand how social media can be used for good and I pride myself on the fact that I spend my days teaching professionals […]

5 Tips to Motivate your Mojo 2

We all lose focus. It is hard to be “on” all the time. I’m a business owner. I’m a business coach. I’m a mom. I’m a wife. I’ve got a lot happening and all of this can cause me to lose focus in my business. LIFE gets in the way, […]



The 5 Must-Dos {and more!} for your Small Business Images 1

If pictures really do tell one thousand words than perfectly curated images should get you 1,000 Likes! {or something like that!} On a recent BLAB my co-host, Dorien and I chatted about the 5 MUST Dos for images for your small biz – we shared the basics on Images and why […]

How To Increase Engagement 2

Need some motivation? Want increased social media engagement? You’ve come to the right place! I know you want to do social right but for some reason you get stuck. You try to post on your social media platforms and you walk away. You try to be creative but the juices […]



Finding Inspiration 1

I love to be inspired – it gets my creative juices flowing but I never know when it will happen and often when it does I am surprised – like this morning! It went like this….1. I was inspired to BAKE and 2. the baking inspired me to WRITE! Truly a […]


Who would have guessed I’d be writing another blab inspired blog.  Good content = more good content right? Our fun (and brief) broadcast resulted in a bunch of gems for you to use on Instagram for your business that I jotted down and am excited to share with you. This week’s […]



I Blab for me (and for you).

  What do you do for your business, consistently? Do you blog? Do you attend events and network? Do you pound the pavement or prospect?   I don’t blog (enough), I don’t network (enough), I don’t prospect (enough). But for the past 12 weeks I have co-hosted a BLAB (live […]