Consistency, there’s an app for that.

Based on a recent poll (asked within a private coaching group I lead) the top marketing struggle for many of you is….consistency. I get it! You know you need to post. You know you need to be a resource. You know you should be there so your customers find you….right?! […]

Cheers to your success.

I spent the afternoon wrapping up my month in business I got to thinking about how we all measure success differently. Some might measure success by what they took to the bank! Some might measure success by accomplishing that one goal they had set out to reach! Some might measure […]

Just Breathe

While on vacation I headed out for my Spa Day (ha, who are we kidding, it’s just an hour!) to enjoy some pampering. I had scheduled a massage and was so looking forward to it. I got myself relaxed and ready and as I lay on the massage table the therapist […]