Market Your Biz Better™ Podcast

So happy you’re here!

Because you just can’t do it all on your own I invite you to grab your earbuds and listen…I am here to support you, guide you, wipe your tears even during the roller-coaster ride of running your biz!

Did you know my podcast comes in 2 Sizes?
Shorties are less than 15 minutes of JUST ME sharing something you need to hear today!
Casual Conversations are episodes where I invite my favorite people as guests to share their relationship with Marketing!

If you are overthinking how to market your biz you are in the right place! Episodes are full of ways to simply create casual conversations with your dream clients leading you to growth in your biz. Are you ready to Market Your Biz Better?

P.S. It fills my heart to see you enjoying my episodes. If something moved you PLEASE use the hashtag: #MarketYourBizBetter on IG and Facebook so I can see!

Obsessed with Steps

Raise your hand if you are a member of Fitbit Nation? You are going to love this episode of the Market Your Biz Better Podcast. I am talking about how obsessed we can get trying to get those 10,000+ steps. Been there? Instead let's become more intentional with our...

Stand With Your Brand

During this 'shortie' I chat about how so many biz owners hide behind their brand. Stop hiding!! I want you to show up more. I want you to share more. Remember this...people buy from people! Allow your audience to connect with YOU first then introduce your services or...

The Myth in the Masses

Everyone wants to be popular. We can get a little crazy when we try to play the numbers game. Worrying about how many people 'follow' you takes away from all you have to offer your audience, it's distracting. Focus on a curated, loyal following - give them all they...

The Beginning

They say you've got to start somewhere, The Beginning sounds like the perfect place. I've really wanted to host a podcast (my own way) for a long time. Not sure why I waited so long but I thank you for joining me on my podcasting journey. After you listen, I'd love...

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Deb’s extensive marketing and sales background, as well as her experience being a small business owner, give her unparalleled knowledge and expertise to share.