Social Media Marketing is free. Why should I pay someone to help me?


Sure. It’s (mostly) free. But, done poorly or without planning, you can damage your reputation, alienate customers, and dilute your company’s message. Costing you and your business revenue!!!

For The Love of Your Biz offers professional services aimed at helping you best connect and effectively communicate with your customers. Deb Laflamme will work with you to create and execute an online marketing strategy that helps you meet your business goals.

She believes you do not need to use every social media tool available – and together you will choose which platforms best serve your needs, and how to integrate them to reach a wide audience of involved customers.

Thinking your online marketing needs some work? That’s what I am here for!

Choose from one of the following services:

25 min session (via phone) to identify one goal you want to achieve for your biz and the steps you need to take to reach it.


1 hour virtual biz coaching. You + Me. Our time together. We will review what is currently working in your biz and will talk about what steps you will take next to reach your goals.



Marketing is essential to maintaining and growing any business.

When you are busy running a business, the day-to-day demands often push your marketing needs to the side. My goal is to help you love your biz by enabling you to focus on what you do well and what you love to do.

Not sure which service is the best fit for you?