5 tips to motivate you to BLOG

With a bachelor’s degree in psychology I often find myself ‘counseling’ clients.  Therapy session topics vary and they are not always about marketing.  Surprised?

Pick a topic, any topic….

  • Hiring (which often ends in Firing)
  • How to best use an iPhone (and I use an Android!)
  • Competitor Analysis (Deb, please keep an eye on all of the people that do what we do.)
  • Curating new content ideas (Deb, give me 101 social media post ideas, pretty please)
  • Motivation (or as some call it…a daily dose of Deb)

When the counseling ends and our time together re-focuses on how to best market your small biz online, can you guess which the most popular service on the list above is? That’s right…Motivation.

The #SmallBizBlabz I participated in last week got me thinking that “we” (the people who are busy running their biz) may need a dose of Deb to get started! And  since I’ve been known to offer a swift kick in the tooshie to those that need it…and since we’ve all been told one thousand times why you should blog for your smallbiz I’d like to share with you my TOP 5 tips to motivate you to BLOG BLOG BLOG:

  1. Accountability: a little nudge from a colleague, a spouse/partner, or even a biz coach
  2. Curate Blog Ideas: Day in the Life, Story about a customer, Giveaway, Helpful Tips (take pics along the way)
  3. Use a Tool: (notes, Microsoft Word, Evernote) to organize your thoughts and ideas for each blog, using a blog outline will keep you focused
  4. Schedule time: block 2 hours (no more) during your most creative time of the day for a blog post and to create it’s graphics
  5. Long Story Short: Your Blog allows you to share a piece of the story, to grab the attention of your audience. After you publish you can open up the conversation on your social media platforms

Oh and here’s another thought….write in your voice. Let your readers hear you as they read.  Don’t use words or phrases in your Blog that you wouldn’t say in person to your audience. Just be you!

Now, who is off to get started?  PLEASE, Please share your next blog with me, nothing makes me happier than motivating another patient client!


P.S. No tool – No App – No social media guru is going to get you to blog. You need to stay focused, schedule time in your day or your week and if the time is right to write, get started. When you publish that post….that’s when the magic happens.