Dear You,   How did you do?  Did you give any of these post ideas a try?

Why should running your small biz always be hard?! Instead it should be fun! And when you take the time to craft/curate/write/plan your posts you should have a good time doing it. When you have fun, your followers have fun too.

My clients often say “it’s so hard to think of what to write”. That’s why I made sure many of the ideas I am sharing for Week 2 are wicked easy! (yes, I just said ‘wicked’, I’m from Baaawwwstun!)  

So, relax – take a deep breath (or two) and let’s see what you can do!

Here are 7 MORE Ideas for Social Media Posts:



I look forward to seeing which idea(s) you try – and how your followers engage with you!

It is time for you to Love Your Biz!


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