When it comes to Marketing Your Biz Better, it helps to have support. 
But if you don’t know who to listen to, you can get advice that may steer you in the wrong direction!
So, I thought, what if you could hear from business owners JUST LIKE YOU!
I reached out to my Facebook group Social Post Ideas  (with Deb Laflamme) and asked them “What advice would you give a new business owner?”
I love my community and they shared some GOLD in their comments. If you aren’t in the Group, you should join us here!
In this shortie, I share the top tips and advice from different community members. Including:
  • The number one investment you need to make to grow your biz
  • How spending time working “on” the biz sustains it
  • How you need to treat yourself and your audience
  • What may be holding you back as your build and Market Your Biz Better
Often my shorties are a Q&A style and I answer the most commonly asked questions I get from clients and members of my community!
Have a question or two about how you can Market Your Biz Better? send an email to Deb@ftloyb.com
If I use your question during an episode I WILL GIVE YOU A SHOUT OUT!!! WOOT!

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