Ever ask a question on social media and get zero responses?
Don’t feel bad.

I love when biz owners source their audience! It’s the best way to learn more about them and their needs BUT it can be tricky!

Asking your audience to reveal something that they might not be comfortable answering, publicly, is where the disconnect is.

Even the most outgoing fan may not want to comment in a public thread. #truth

Put yourself in their shoes. How would you respond? How would you like to be asked?

Don’t stop asking questions…I absolutely LOVE questions as a way to engage your audience however when it comes to a ‘loaded’ question, here are some solutions:
1. Ask a Q where that the answer can be a simple Yes or No
2. Use POLLS, allowing your audience to pick the answer that feels right for them, or fill in their own
3. Use your FB Groups, which are primarily closed or private, a place where your members feel safe talking with you online.

How can you ask ‘better’ questions? Tell me!