I love to be inspired – it gets my creative juices flowing but I never know when it will happen and often when it does I am surprised – like this morning!

It went like this….1. I was inspired to BAKE and 2. the baking inspired me to WRITE! Truly a New Year Miracle!

Since you’ve already heard of my struggles with writing let’s get into the baking (or not baking).

“True Confessions of a wanna-be-baker”:

My Timing is always off

My supplies (equipment and ingredients) are sub-par

My patience seems to always be MIA

My ability to follow directions – beyond gathering ingredients – is almost not possible

               It has always been less stressful (for me) to purchase gorgeous delicious baked treats


On New Year’s Day I read this blog about Popovers and it immediately brought back amazing childhood memories of celebrating something special with my family at The General Glover House.  The piping hot popovers (blown up like buttery balloons) would be delivered by the waitress (aka Popover Girl) and plated gently one by one from her tray with wooden tongs…secretly I always hoped she’d come back around with just one more for me! These popovers seemed so delicate, so perfectly special and so hard to bake.


After reading the Bisousweet blog I challenged the owner/baker/pastry chef just a teeny bit and as you can see below, she challenged me right back. {well played Karen!}




You still here? Good. Challenge accepted and I totally rocked it!

I followed the directions from the original recipe and while the hardest part for me, the wanna-be baker, was the waiting….for the eggs to warm up….for the milk to get lukewarm…..for the oven to reach 450 degrees – UGH!!!


I took a few deep breaths, washed some dishes, read a few texts and then got mixing/whisking.

{Oh and I started writing this blog post WHILE the popovers were in the oven = super productive, right?}



This is what I call pure joy!!! Amazing what happens when you/I follow directions!!! They came out of the oven piping hot with a beautiful golden crust {just like I remember}. AND I DID THIS!


Before I go and devour what is left of the popovers here’s what you need to know:

No special ingredients needed. No special equipment needed.  Just patience and the people you love to share them with.



So – where have you unexpectedly found your inspiration?


And who wants to throw the next challenge??