Ever notice how we live/work in a space (world) that we are always looking for more? More friends – More things – More Customers – More [fill in your item here].

I’m going to stop us right there!focus


See – the energy we are spending looking for the new could be spent loving what you already have.

Personal Example: Instead of looking for the perfect coffee table – reinvent the one you have by giving it some extra love: some new paint, new legs or swapping it from one room to the next.

Professional Example (and the reason why you are here, right?!): Instead of looking for more customers let us focus on the ones we have. Imagine? Take care of your current clients/customers. Make sure they are getting what you offered (or even more!).

See where I am going with this?

When your current customers are happy, what happens? They shout it from the roof tops, right? They tell their neighbors while at the bus stop. They post about your biz on social media. They tell everyone they know about you, your service, your product.  And then your new customers come – a – knockin’. Ahhh the magic of a referral!


My Goal for this month…

Focus On What I Have.

So far I have reconnected with 2 clients (worked with them over the past 12 months). It was simple – I gave them a quick call (yes, on the phone!) to check-in to see how things were going for their biz, updated them on the lastest news of FTLOYB, chatted a bit about how I might be able to help them in 2015 then left time for them to ask any questions they had.  Honestly, it felt good. So good.

So – now you know what my focus is – what do you want to focus on? I’d love to hear! Please let me know in the comments below.


And remember, I am here to help you Love Your Biz,

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