Need some motivation? Want increased social media engagement? You’ve come to the right place!

I know you want to do social right but for some reason you get stuck. You try to post on your social media platforms and you walk away. You try to be creative but the juices just don’t flow. You’re worried that no one will like it. You’re too busy dealing with employees/customers. You don’t think you get the return of your time when you finally do post.

These are just some of the excuses I hear from my clients. This is why we kicked off 2016 with 16 Social Post Ideas! So far the results have been INCREASED ENGAGEMENT for all participants!

My biz bud and blab co-host, Dorien Morin, and I created the uber popular Biz Challenge: 16 Social Posts. 16 Social Post Ideas to

  1. increase engagement,
  2. build solid relationships and
  3. stay in the heads of your customers!


Here’s what you need to know:

We curated 16 Social Post ideas (that every business/business owner in any industry) could use on: Twitter, Facebook & Instagram

We give you ALL 16 Social Posts Ideas. Want to plan ahead? you can!

Yes our challenge started January 4th and ends on Tuesday January 19th. (this blog went live during Day #5, Share Your Work Space)


Here’s how you can get started or check it out:

Join our Facebook event now! 

Follow along on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram – search #16SocialPosts and get a good idea of the 40+ smart business owners who are taking the challenge with us!

Jump in at any time- if it feels right. Go for it!


Want to learn more? Watch our latest Blab! We had a great broadcast with great viewers participating and we review all 16 ideas and give brief explanations of each!


Here are the 16 Social Post Ideas!

Remember to tag your posts #16SocialPosts so we can find and engage with you!




Look closely…these ideas can be used at any time of the year. Start when you are ready! Re-use them when you need some motivation!