INSTA-GratifcationWho would have guessed I’d be writing another blab inspired blog.  Good content = more good content right? Our fun (and brief) broadcast resulted in a bunch of gems for you to use on Instagram for your business that I jotted down and am excited to share with you.

This week’s Blab focused on using Instagram for your Biz. Whether you are new to Instagram or if you have been using it forever our broadcast was full of great tips!


Note: Dorien and I have never claimed we are ‘experts’ on this platform.  We love to talk about exciting ways businesses can market online and Instagram is one of them!  We of course did the appropriate research to be able to provide accurate information for our viewers.  Just call us #instaprofessionals.


Immediately after our Blab I realized I have plenty of opportunity to really work this platform for my own biz. Number one goal is I want to grow my following with the right people… but before I head off to work on that….here is what I want you to know:


3 things I love about Instagram:

Less words + more pictures

Showing followers my business/project from my eyes and my point of view

Ability to connect directly and (INSTAntly) with my customers

3 Tips for you to take away:

Engage with your followers. Instagram is so much more than posting pretty pictures.

Use CTAs in all of your business posts (tell your followers what you want to do with the information)

Post consistently (figure out what this means for your biz)

3 Instagram Wishes (incase the Insta-Peeps are reading this!):

Ability to support my client accounts easily (without logging in and logging out)

Desktop capability for creating Ads (or even posts for marketers)

Easy Share button from one profile to another (like sharing on FB or retweeting on Twitter)

3 Instagram Accounts that inspire (I have plenty more favorites!):

Business:  SociallySorted

Pleasure:  MollieMcPhee



Do you use Instagram for your business? Post your profile below, I’d love to follow you and see how you are working this platform for your biz.

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P.S. If you want to get started on Instagram but wonder what to post? I can help! We’re kicking off a 16 social posts to start 2016.  Stay tuned!