Over a year in the making…I finally got to bring on the other half of Wolf Dog Marketing, Jen Whittemore, to the latest episode of the Market Your Biz Better podcast.
You won’t want to miss this episode where we talk about the 3 things your website MUST have, the one thing you should do today to market your business online, the difference between sales and marketing, and how to create a work-life balance. It’s jam-packed with actionable steps to help to market your biz better.
Jen is a self-described “Nerd that can talk to people” who love to work on website design and development while incorporating the strategy and teaming up with Allison on the branding and messaging.
Our conversation covers:
  • Why having a one-stop-shop to work on your website can streamline the process
  • The importance of your website, its optimization, and visual design elements on your pages
  • What you need to do in the first 3-seconds a visitor lands on your page
  • How your website takes your audience on a journey
  • How Wolf Dog works WITH small businesses and takes your budget into consideration
  • Where you can find inspiration for your business and in your personal life
  • Balancing working at home with a little one and running a business
  • Jen’s top marketing tip!
Links from the show:
Check out Wolfdog Marketing’s IG post we talked about in the show: 5 WAYS TO TELL BETTER STORIES AND SELL, inspired by the cast of Schitt$ Creek.
You can check out the previous podcast with the other half of Wolf Dog Marketing, Allison DiRienzo, here, we chatted about the story behind Wolf Dog and the importance of authenticity.
Wolf Dog Marketing is a one-stop digital marketing shop, which is one of the things that sets them apart from other digital marketers or designers. They are dedicated to creating meaningful web design, professional branding, and digital marketing solutions for businesses. Wolf Dog Marketing helps companies at various stages of their business, including start-ups, established brands, and those going through business transitions. 
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