While on vacation I headed out for my Spa Day (ha, who are we kidding, it’s just an hour!) to enjoy some pampering. I had scheduled a massage and was so looking forward to it. I got myself relaxed and ready and as I lay on the massage table the therapist says quietly: “Remember, Your Job is to Just Breathe.”

“Mmmhmmm.” I mumbled.

Anxiety kicks into overdrive…..Umm. Ok? But, I’m usually in charge of everything (and everyone).

I’m the one in charge of kids and dogs and meals and schedules and marketing strategies for clients who own many different businesses.

How am I supposed to just breathe? Do I even know how to just do one thing at a time?

Somehow I didn’t have a choice I had one job to do. I had to focus on my breaths. I took some deep breaths – deep breaths in thru the nose, and out thru the mouth. It felt good. Really good.

When you are the expert you get to say:  Just Breathe.

You see, she was the expert, she’s in charge and I had to trust her to do her work.

Was I going to tell her how to give a massage? How to change her technique? No – she’s got that covered.

Be in charge of what you know.

Be the expert in what you do.

Be confident in your offerings and you too can tell your customers to Just Breathe.




P.S. While I used massage therapist as the example, this certainly goes for all service professions….Realtors, Stylists, Coaches/Consultants, Mechanics, Medical Professionals, Speakers, Attorneys etc….can (and should) comfort their customers. I definitely want you to know that when you decide to hire me to help you market your biz online, you can trust me and I will have my opportunity to tell you to Just Breathe.