Meet Laura Naiser, a true guide for her clients and someone who has really stepped into her own as a life coach this year. She was a guest expert in my private mentorship and what she shared about self-sabotage and playing small was so powerful, I couldn’t wait to invite her for a Casual Conversation.
Laura helps her clients break free from anxiety, frustration, and people-pleasing (anyone else a recovering people-pleaser?) and she confessed that she had some of those same fears when it came to marketing her business and what changed EVERYTHING and allowed her business to thrive.
You won’t want to miss these gems:
  • The ONE thing that gives you the confidence to SHOW UP
  • The top 2 limiting beliefs and how you can overcome them
  • Where Laura gets her best ideas for marketing
  • What you need to do to heal from past hurts
  • The 3 simple steps to take action in any area of your life
A little more about Laura: In her coaching practice, Agape Soul Spa, Laura leverages timeless biblical principles and cutting-edge neuroscience to help growth-minded women renew their minds and transform their lives.
Her clients will tell you that coaching with Laura is like a spa day for your soul, only this makeover really can change your life!
She provides practical solutions to help high-achievers break free from worry, frustration, and people-pleasing so they can cultivate soul-satisfying relationships and pursue their purpose with passion and confidence.
Laura is certified through The Life Coach School and has more than twenty years of experience in both church and business settings, including as Director of Discipleship at a 4,000 member church.
Laura and her husband Matt live on a ranch outside of Austin, Texas with their two nearly grown sons.
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