Meet Liz, aka Running on Venti.  This casual conversation shares a great example of someone who wanted to learn HOW to connect with her dream audience online.
Liz is a Mind & Running Coach. She works with you to train your mind and body for running (which also flows into your everyday life). The mind training is what really sets her apart. She works with athletes (yes you are all athletes) of all levels. From beginner to the experienced runner. 5K to ultra-marathon (even hiking and climbing). Liz’s energy, relatability, and life experience are what draw busy women in to work with her. You can find her sharing her coaching wisdom and her own running inspiration on Instagram @runningonventi. She is also @runningonventi on Facebook. If you are feeling a nudge from the Universe and want to talk with Liz or see how you can work with her, go to her website
Liz is connecting with her audience using stories (hers and her athletes) in her online marketing – and we share her story of how marketing isn’t always easy but it can 100% work to grow your business!
Connect with Liz here: