Meet Deb

You’ve just spent an hour scrolling on Instagram.

You opened the app because you haven’t posted on your biz account in a while and you thought you’d be inspired to get back to it but after trolling the newsfeed you are wondering, what the heck do you say?

Now you’re totally overwhelmed, imposter syndrome has taken over, maybe you’ll try again tomorrow.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

When you become intentional about how you use social media for your business you change the way you feel the moment you open the app.

Hey, I’m Deb!

I’m a Social Strategist for business owners who struggle with staying consistent with their online marketing.

I teach them how to curate and create content that will connect more deeply with their dream client!

I’m obsessed with helping you market your biz better!

My Story…

As an online business owner I’ve witnessed how the marketing space has grown, new social media platforms popping up all the time, but what hasn’t changed is how to connect with your dream client.

There’s a simple and easy way you can market your biz. You can shine exactly when and where you need to, attract your dream clients, and serve them wholeheartedly.

The best part — you can do it without spending all day on social media, feeling stuck, pulling your hair out because you don’t know what to post, or even when or where to post.

I’m passionate about helping small business owners show up online as their authentic selves because I know that’s how they can attract their dream clients. Just like the beacon of a lighthouse calling to a ship.

I think in social media posts. Seriously. When I’m working with a client in a strategy session, there’s a part of my brain whirring through different images and content and thinking about how they could intentionally show up to make an impact with their products and services.

Entreprenuers make the same mistakes.

There are two mistakes most small biz owners make with their social media. They either focus exclusively on the features of the products and services and don’t show up as themselves OR they forget to tell the world that they’re a business!

I help my clients achieve success by focusing on strategies that work for their business, not everyone’s. I don’t offer magic pills or potions (although I do believe in the magic of the moon).

Business is a long game and there are no instant results (or instant coffee!), but marketing your biz doesn’t require hustle or strain.

In fact, in 2020, while the world was going crazy, I was settling in and finding an incredible rhythm of working cyclically. Paying attention to my cycle (and the phases of the moon), I quickly learned when I’m most creative and use it for good in my biz. Simply knowing when I’m drawn to be more visible and when I feel more inward in my biz takes the pressure off. This allows me to create my content, plan events, and connect over Zoom calls. when I’m my best instead of when I need to rest.

Who do I support?

I LOVE working with creative entreprenuers in a wide range of industries. As a Social Strategist, focused on your online marketing, my ideas support them when and where they are in their business.

Here’s a sample of the types of clients I love supporting:



Massage Therapists

Brick & Mortar


Authors & Illustrators


Health & Wellness Professionals



Discover how we can take your social game to the next level.

7 things you might be surprised to know:

I’m capital O- Obsessed with coffee! Inside the Social Post Ideas Facebook Group, you’ll see me occasionally show up for an early morning “Coffee Chat” coaching session.
Lighthouses are my favorite inspiration and metaphor for how you market your biz and guide your dream clients
My favorite playlist is 80s music. I totally had a Prince hair ‘do.
I’m a middle child with two teenage girls (did you know that only middle children point out their birth order?)
You’ll never find me too far away from a Sharpie. Currently drooling over Sharpie S notes — marker and highlighter in ONE. What more could a creative-gal need in her life
I’m also a SUPER FAN of AquaNotes — perfect for capturing my brilliant ideas in the shower.
Every morning I intentionally select the coffee mug for my day. Some women pick what shoes to wear, I pick my mug.
My favorite number is 8. Not only in general but also specifically, like August 8, my birthday! (Note: I like candles, crystals, and coffee — not necessarily in that order.)

Well, that’s actually 8 things about me, not just 7, because I also LOVE to over-deliver and GIVE my audience everything they need and more.

Join me inside the
Social Post Ideas FREE Facebook Group and make sure to say hi and introduce yourself!

You don’t get a colleague–you get a partner.

Deb knows her stuff. Of that there is no doubt. She will help you strategize and enact the absolute right social media plan for your business.

But there are lots of folks who are awesome at this job. What sets Deb apart–what really, truly sets her apart–is her commitment to her clients. I’ve worked with Deb for seven years now and I’ve never once doubted that she had my back and wanted me to succeed as much as I wanted to. (In truth, sometimes I think she wants it more!) And that is a wonderful feeling.

When you work with Deb, you don’t get a colleague–you get a partner. She is the best.

– Justin Keane, Woodshed Strength and Conditioning

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