It’s true! Some of my clients struggle with managing the time in their day. (p.s. me too!)

I really want to manage my day better – actually every day. You too?

Maybe you remember over on my facebook page I asked… “When are you at your best”  – and so many of you answered. (thanks by the way!) If you haven’t yet been able to answer this question, before you read on please take a second and get a grasp on when you are at your best…..Morning – Noon – Night – Late Night?

For me, early morning (6am) to late-morning (11am) I am definitely at my best. I’ve known this for years.  No joke…around 3pm I need a nap or Starbucks Grande Caffè Americano which is why I must schedule meetings/projects/tasks/even exercise as early in the day as I can.


Remember this: Your Best Time  = Your Best Time to Perform


Next time you need to:

  • meet with employees
  • consult with a client
  • make a big decision
  • teach a class
  • get your workout in
  • _________________ (other important task you have on your must-do list)


……schedule it for your best time! Yes, really! Even if it means you need to wait until tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Head to your calendar (online or on paper) and put it in a time slot where you know you will be at your best!

For some, this takes some practice. Think of your time in moments rather than minutes. For me, moments seem less rushed, and I can give ‘the item on the to-do list’ the energy it deserves.


moments rather than minutes

Please let me know (in the comments) if you plan to give this a try and definitely share the details about what is working (or not working) for you!

Now, if you want to meet up please remember, I’m at my best from 6am -11am!


Love your biz,