Take Time to Nurture your Marketing Plan{t}

A few weeks ago, as a reminder of my dad, my very dear friend gave me a plant. So kind, right? Of course I wanted to grab a shovel, dig a hole and get it into the ground RIGHT AWAY but knowing how important planning can be for a garden I knew rushing to plant is not the smart way to grow anything.

I knew I needed to have a plan. (I hope you are still with me!)

I had to ask myself:

Where in my yard will it thrive?

Is the soil properly prepared?

Will it be easy to water?

What kind of exposure does it need?

Creating a plan for where the plant will live is vital for it to thrive, to grow and for it to flourish.

If I had grabbed my gardening gloves and shovel and just threw it into the ground I may have set it up to fail (or worse, die).  And because I so want it to live – to grow – and to remind me of my dad each year when it blooms – I PLANNED!

I spec’ed out the perfect spot in my yard. I paid attention to sun exposure, to soil quality and set reminders in my calendar to give it the water it needs. It even has protection from the wildlife who may try to take a nibble or two.

My Marketing Plan{t}

Creating a plan sets “the plant” up for success.

Now, to why we are really here!  Marketing your business online also requires you to have a plan. And once you have a plan you can nurture it, just like I am nurturing my plant.

Sounds like something I have said before right?  Finding the right location for my plant is just like finding the platform that works best to market your biz!  Think of what questions I had to answer before I put the plant into the ground. Use the same process for developing your marketing plan{t).

Find the right location = finding the perfect platform to market your business and reach your customers

Make sure the soil is properly prepared = build a foundation and know what you will market!

Daily Watering = keeping to a schedule and adding valuable content


Now GO!! Create your marketing plan{t}.   Nurture your marketing plan{t}.   Watch your marketing plan{t} flourish.


Need some guidance to create an online marketing plan for your business?

I would love to help. Message me today, deb@ftloyb.com and we can chat about how I can help your plan{t} flourish.