Fall2015 classes

It’s time.

You need to have the tools to market your biz effectively using Social Media, and I want to help!  The courses I taught over the Winter (remember Last winter?!) were full of small business owners just like you and were a success! Since technology is always changing so is the information to market your business.  Are YOU ready to learn?


This Fall I will be Teaching, Training (& Caffeinating) a series of 4 courses in Littleton, MA and 1 course in Acton, MA. Be ahead of your competition – Register today!

Below are the details – please take a look – if you have questions please message me: deb@ftloyb.com

Classes in Littleton (October):

This information-packed class offers a basic review of what online strategies you need and what best practices you should implement for your small business or organization. You’ll gain knowledge to successfully get started with Social Media Marketing. The class will cover:
• What Social Media Marketing really is and why it’s important;
• Various Social Media networks and tools (facebook & twitter, websites & blogs etc.), how they interact, ways to leverage their strengths, and how to evaluate them for best use for your business or organization;
• How to use free or low-cost tools to gain visibility, build relationships, and grow your business;
• How to incorporate Social Media marketing into your business day while still running your biz.
This class will allow attendees plenty of time to ask questions, share experiences, and network with peers. You will leave with a world of knowledge that you can put to work immediately to love your biz.
Tuesday, 10/6 9:30-11:00 a.m. #934003A
$60/R | $63/NR    Location: PRCE Classroom, Town Hall, 33 Shattuck Street

It’s no secret that Facebook has become a huge part of how people interact with each other, share ideas and recommendations, and interact with the brands they like. But too many businesses aren’t seeing results from their Facebook marketing efforts because they are posting content without having a strategic plan for turning “fans” into leads and leads into brand advocates. In this class, you’ll learn:
Why Facebook is important to your business;
The difference between posting and marketing on Facebook ;
Tactics to increase engagement on your Facebook business page.
You’ll also learn best practices that you can implement immediately to supercharge your Facebook marketing. And time for questions allowing for discussion of real life Facebook success stories. Students should have a facebook business page (prior to class).
Tuesday, 10/13 9:30-11:00 a.m. #934003B
$60/R | $63/NR   Location: PRCE Classroom, Town Hall, 33 Shattuck Street

Think Email Marketing doesn’t work anymore? Not a chance. Your customers are in their inbox every day – several times a day. With Email Marketing you’re sure to reach them, and that means more people through your door (or website), more calls, and more revenue.
During our time together you will learn:
• The small business benefits of reaching customers with the use of email marketing ;
• Options for email marketing platforms;
• The who – what – when and why of an email marketing campaign.
Not sure where to start? Perfect! This class will also review how to choose the right platform for your small biz. Already using Email marketing? Even better! You’ll leave class with a solid plan for reaching your customers and growing that list!
Tuesday, 10/20 9:30-11:00 a.m. #934003C
$60/R | $63/NR      Location: PRCE Classroom, Town Hall, 33 Shattuck Street

When you’ve only got 140 characters – you need to make them count! In this Beginner level Twitter class we will cover best practices for your biz.
Goals for our class:
# Better understanding of Twitter;
# Tips to navigate the platform as a business profile;
# How to engage with your followers while building your brand;
We’ll review your account settings, and make sure your profile is optimized. By the end of our time together you’ll be tweeting about what you’ve learned in class, easily able find and follow others, use #hashtags to grow your following. Students should have a twitter account used for business.
Tuesday, 10/27 9:30-11:00 a.m. #9340034
$60/R | $63/NR   Location: PRCE Classroom, Town Hall, 33 Shattuck Street

$180/R | $183/NR #934003E



Would love this opportunity to help you understand the power Social Media can have for your small business when used correctly. In a class setting you not only get to learn from me but from the other attendees (while networking in real life!)







P.S. If you can’t make these dates/times work within your busy schedule, please message me and we can set a time for you to LOVE YOUR BIZ!