If pictures really do tell one thousand words than perfectly curated images should get you 1,000 Likes! {or something like that!}

On a recent BLAB my co-host, Dorien and I chatted about the 5 MUST Dos for images for your small biz – we shared the basics on Images and why you should be using them to market your biz. Listen long enough and you’ll hear us talking about tools we use to create our images!

After talking about visual marketing it occurred to me…I do everything with my eyes. I see things before I hear them and see them again before I take action. “They” say, consumers need to see things 3 times before they really see it. So…images is your best bet!

Here are the 5 Must Dos for Images for your Small Biz:

  1. Size Matters – Make sure your image works on the platform you are posting (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Web) and test them on both Mobile and Desktop. Here is a great guide to social image sizes from Constant Contact
  1. The effects of Color – The color of your graphic has a direct effect on the mood of the people viewing it. The psychology of color as it relates to persuasion is one of the most interesting—and most controversial—aspects of marketing. Read more about it here
  1. Brand ‘em Baby- Make sure you tag/hashtag or add a watermark to your image so it is connected to your biz. Your goal is for followers to LIKE your image and if it’s worthy of a share it might just get shared a lot! You deserve 100% of the credit and the recognition which would mean growth for your biz!
  1. Consistency – Be consistent with images like you are consistent with your posts and your blogs. Stay current and in the news feed. Create a series of images that are branded and consistently used on all of your platforms so your fans and followers begin to recognize them {recognize you}.
  1. Post with Purpose – Please do not just post to post. Create a strategy that includes your images and your fans/followers will be there waiting for your content. Promise!


Still not sure why you should use images in your online marketing strategy? Here are a few more reasons….

  • It’s eye candy!
  • It sets you apart from your competition!
  • A perfectly crafted image can stop your fans/followers in their tracks – and get them to THINK about you!
  • An image is a place for a strong CTA (call to action) – use them!
  • An image is the perfect type of content to brand your biz!


Need to know how to create your images? Try some of these apps/programs!

And take a look at a recent blog form Post Planner:  13 Must-Have Marketing Tools for Engaging Facebook Images [Infographic] it just may answer some of your questions!


Now, remember…plan for images as you plan your content. Done correctly, images will:

  • Help you grow your biz
  • Help you reach more (of the right) people
  • Help you tell your story to your customers
  • Help you share your brand with more people = more people talking about you!


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Oh and in case you missed it…here’s another link to the Blab replay! You can watch the replay here!