There’s something strange about ‘The Pause’.🛑

I define ‘The Pause’ as a period of time (could be a few days or a few weeks) when A. ideas are brewing B. thoughts are being mulled over and C. offers are being dreamed up but….NOTHING (N O T H I N G ) is being implemented and no action is being taken. #woah
My experience has been that I just don’t have the bandwidth to execute any of it nor does it need to get done – it’s like my energy to do the work is on zero!!!
Some call it integration, but truthfully I felt broken with a capital B.
In my latest Podcast Shortie, I share how I have gained a deep respect for this time….I might even have enjoyed it and after successfully surviving a 4-week long pause this past month I may officially implement The Pause every January! (someone hold me to this please!)

While you are listening…I’d love if you’d take a screenshot and tag me on IG or FB  and let me know your experience with your own PAUSE and how you came out on the other side.