On the eve of Thanksgiving, a time of year (in the U.S.) when we tend to think more about who and what we are grateful for, I have decided to share a blog post with you, finally.

THIS is my first blog of 2017 – calling myself out.

I confirmed this to be true as my last entry about consistency (oh the #irony) was published…351 days ago on December 5, 2016!

Yes, I know, I preach about staying consistent with your content allowing you to stay in the heads of your customers. So in this instance, please “do as I say and not as I do”.

To be honest, I have zero regrets and I am not going to say I was just tooooooo busy in my biz to write  – that would be a big fat lie! While I have not written a blog post this year (until this one!) I do consistently show up where and when my people need me. I seize every single opportunity to talk to you – the way I feel most comfortable, with video (such as Facebook lives) and happily arrive into your news-feed almost once a week and sometimes more if you are a member of my group.

This week I felt called to write. Sigh. Writing doesn’t come as easy to me as filming a video it actually turns into an evil cycle that looks something like this: “Will Deb even write, then she writes, and edits, and over-edits, saves and edits more, walks away, comes back, edits some more, creates an image, changes an image, edits some more and maybe she might finally, after 10,000x tries she hits publish on a blog post before Thanksgiving 2017?” (If you are reading this, you know this is pretty much what happened!)

Time to get back to why you are here: The Blog! This one is simply a series of thoughts I wanted to share with you about opportunities!!

Who doesn’t love a good opportunity. And When Opportunity Knocks….well?

Ever wonder about what may be in store for you today, tomorrow, next year?
Have you ever questioned if you are meant to be doing this, right now?
Maybe you worry if the work you are putting in is worth your energy.


While talking to clients, friends and fellow moms the discussion of the highs and lows of life’s opportunities keeps coming up…

Auditioning for a part in a play. (Maybe you don’t get the lead this time)
Trying out for a sports team. (Maybe you spend more time on the bench)
Interviewing for a job. (Maybe they end up hiring from within)
Requesting to be a speaker at an event. (Maybe there is no speaking budget, this year)
Desiring to work with a new client. (Maybe they need more than you can provide, right now)

These are just examples of opportunities that come and go.

Some opportunities you get and others you don’t. Life lessons, yes?

When you try for something, anything, and it’s not your time, at least not now, how do you get through it?

Are you able to see this as a hidden gift? Is it possible that there is an opportunity for you, a better opportunity, just ahead?

Last week I asked my FB Fans to share stories about opportunities in their biz – I enjoyed reading all of the comments and I’m excited to share ONE with you.

See Heather’s story of opportunity below (Thank you Heather for sharing!!!) ….






Imagine that, one opportunity turning into an even greater one, one that Heather may not have ever realized if she hadn’t opened that first door. I believe each of us have an opportunity just like this one in our next chapter.  Are you open to the possibility?

I’d love to hear about an opportunity that you have been met with this year that may (or may not) have worked out – connect with me today!

For the love of your biz, always!




P.S. Thank you for reading and for reminding me how good it feels to share my thoughts, ideas, and stories with YOU! If I can do it, and I did it, you can too! I hit publish just hours before Thanksgiving 2017 – an opportunity I am glad I took!