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Welcome to MY FAVORITE page on my website! Sharing info with you via video has proven to be the best way for me to help you Market Your Biz Better.

This video library is FULL of info and can be used as a resource and to make it even easier for you I have categorized the videos in 3 areas of interest: Social Media Strategy, Social Post Ideas and Biz Coaching.

Have a topic idea you’d love to see me cover? Just let me know.

Social Media Strategy

August 8th, my birthday!

For as long as I can remember I have always taken today off...I clear my calendar and give myself the gift of time! This morning as I enjoyed my coffee, I was reminded how #blessed (read Hashtag Blessed!) I am to be able to do what I love, everyday, with those of you...

Today’s Coffee Talk: Facebook Groups

Today's Coffee Talk: Facebook Groups Ask yourself this....Why do you join Facebook Groups? To Give Value? or To Get Value? Watch now to be a part of our chat. I'd LOVE you to be a part of my NEW FB Group, LoveYourBiz Retreat! Details here:...

Learn More About the Smartphone Video School

You know Video is HOT - and now it is your turn to use it to market your biz better!   The "Be Seen Be Paid" course is a 6 part course that takes you through the beginning stages of Smartphone video right up until your very first shoot that will be ready to be...

Social Post Ideas

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Biz Coaching

Element #4: INSPIRATION!!!

What Inspires You? Who Inspires You? Just like your car requires gas YOU REQUIRE TO BE INSPIRED!!!! Step away from working in/on your biz and fill your tank with creative ideas! Have you Lost that Lovin' Feelin'? Watch the replay as I dive in to ways you can be...

LoveYourBiz Map pt.3

Let's chat about Element #3: CONFIDENCE!!! Every ounce of belief in what you do and who you serve = an ounce more of confidence and having confidence is non-negotiable!! Ask yourself this question: What is in the way of me sharing my 'thing' with my dream client? Is...

LoveYourBiz Map pt.2

Do you know who your dream client is? Today I am chatting about Element #2...YOUR DREAM CLIENT! ​Every day this week I will be LIVE to talk more about each of the elements that make up the "LOVEYOURBIZ Map" a tool I created to help you!!! 💕​ When you Love Your Biz, it...

What is the LOVEYOURBIZ Map?

Element 1 of 5: YOUR THING!!! What makes you famous? What makes you different? What makes you special? I challenge you to share in the comments below!!! Register for my Virtual Coffee Chat on Tuesday May 15th @ 12:15pm >> Every day this...

Let’s Get Intentional

You intentionally brush your teeth. You intentionally food shop. You intentionally exercise. Shouldn't you use intention when marketing too? Watch the REPLAY now to hear more about HOW to get more intentional marketing your biz. Still unsure of what this means for...

Stop hiding!

A story (or two) for why you should SHOW UP!!! Not sure what this means for you and your biz? BOOK A FREE CALL WITH ME:…/freecall-20-mins/ ************************* Want to check out MileIQ? MileIQ is the app I mention in my LIVE. It...

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