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Because you just can’t do it all on your own I invite you to grab your earbuds and listen…I am here to support you, guide you, wipe your tears even during the roller-coaster ride of running your biz! Did you know my podcast comes in 2 Sizes?

Shorties are less than 15 minutes of JUST ME sharing something you need to hear today!

Casual Conversations are episodes where I invite my favorite people as guests to share their relationship with Marketing!

If you are overthinking how to market your biz you are in the right place! Episodes are full of ways to simply create casual conversations with your dream clients leading you to growth in your biz. Are you ready to Market Your Biz Better?

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Who are you following?

Who are you following?

  Ahhh - this episode is to help you identify the type of people you have chosen to follow. Because it is a choice! It's as simple as this....Do they INSPIRE YOU or do they DISTRACT YOU? Are you watching people who make you feel good or bad? Your goal today is to...

Who are you following?

Open For Business

  I see you and your pedicured toes in your IG Stories. Where are the biz pics? Question: Are you OPEN FOR BUSINESS? I challenge you to take 5 minutes a day  (30 mins a week) to post on your social biz pages... Ideas to get you started: Testimonials Behind the...

Who are you following?

It’s not always about you!

Why aren't you showing up? Do you hate how you look? or how you sound? Maybe you blink tooooo many times per second or say UMMM more than your English teacher would like. Hold up! Showing up when you have something valuable to share is NOT ABOUT YOU! Listen to this...

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Intentional Marketing

  Think about the journey you are taking your audience on. Is it straight and narrow or is it messy and full of chaos? You probably don't realize it but,  when you stray from your strategy you risk confusing your customers. On this shortie, I get right into how...

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The Pause

There’s something strange about 'The Pause'.🛑   I define ‘The Pause’ as a period of time (could be a few days or a few weeks) when A. ideas are brewing B. thoughts are being mulled over and C. offers are being dreamed up but....NOTHING (N O T H I N G ) is being...

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Be Inspired

Just off a quick walk in the woods I've recorded a quick episode to help you identify what inspires you? Inspiration is just one of the elements in my LoveYourBiz Map, you need it - and it helps you Market Better- trust me! In this shortie, I share with you 4 of my...

Casual Conversations

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Casual Conversation with Kerri Garbis

Let's give a round of applause for President and co-founder of Ovation Communication, Kerri Garbis. Kerri has trained hundreds of executives internationally on presentation skills, storytelling for business, etiquette, and emotional intelligence. In the latest episode...

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Casual Conversation with Justin Keane

I'd say it has become a trend (of mine) to host some of my favorite people on this podcast - I just love talking with business owners who are using the internet to reach their dream clients, makes for a great chat. I hope you take the time to listen to this...

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Casual Conversation with Ed Nathanson

Meet Ed, my lifelong friend and the nerd (his words) helping to separate your biz from all the rest. He knows how! In a competitive hiring market Ed helps businesses (from start up to fortune 500) creatively share their story using his Humor and Heart Method of...

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Casual Conversation with Alice Sheridan

Meet Alice Sheridan, Abstract Painter from across the pond (you'll get to enjoy her lovely voice in this episode). Thanks to the internet we have gotten to know each other over the past year+ and I am excited to finally have her as my guest. What I love most about...

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Casual Conversation with Nanette Fridman

What a blast! A chance to chat with Nanette Fridman, Author and Dynamic Speaker informing, energizing and motivating teams and leaders. Nanette brings her strategic thinking and passion to empower individuals to be change agents. Nanette and I have known each other...

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Casual Conversation with Karen Collins

This is definitely the first of many recordings I will have with this guest. Karen Collins has sweetened the homes of so many people with her treats - actually she has sweetened their lives. Karen is one-of-a-kind (with the emphasis on KIND). She is a generous, hard...

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